When one door closes another one opens.

This is a lovely metaphor for times that can feel like turmoil!

We all go through times which can be emotionally draining and very tiring.  During these times, we can feel out of control of our lives and in need of finding new ways that will make our lives feel better again.

Unfortunately, we can’t return to the time when we didn’t know what ‘it’ was that was coming through the just opened door. Regardless, we all  ‘just’ need to deal with ‘it’ in any shape or form on some occasions.

Think of when you fall in love or get that new job you always wanted. These are lovely doors to have opened. Likewise it can happen that you need to deal with the closing of doors. You need to decide which doors you would want to open or which should be closed in order to move on or make changes in your life.

In the midst of this turmoil people often feel a lack of control but actually, you ARE in control. You decide which doors you will open and which possibilities you allow into your life that, in turn, can become reality, if you take the plunge.

For me and my family, we find ourselves in such a time at the moment. We have discovered that we must move back to Holland and that means that there are many doors closing and opening for us at the same time! Some are great opportunities whilst others are very tough for us to deal with, having lived here so long and loving Bristol as we do.

One of the practical changes is about this website, it will, of necessity, be changed into Dutch and with that I realise that I will close the door for a lot of my English followers and possible clients……but equally this will open up doors for Dutch speaking and reading followers and possible clients in my new home.

It saddens me to bring this news to you this way and I know that I will miss the good connections that we have currently…..this website will still be here in the future, though, and as soon as I have the Dutch version, I will add the link here.

I feel like the professional house painter who needs to paint her own house!





With very best wishes

Jeanine Hamaker