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Met dank aan mijn klanten die ondanks de vertrouwelijkheid van mijn werkzaamheden toch hun ervaring op deze manier kenbaar willen maken. Testimonia zijn in de taal waarin de samenwerking heeft plaatsgevonden.

Meneer A.P.

“Bij Jeanine mag je praten over alles wat je bezig houdt, dingen over kanker maar vooral ook dingen die je zelf ervaart en/of voelt. Logischer wijs geeft de medische wereld alle aandacht aan de kanker en patiënt maar er is meer. Jeanine haar luisterend oor heeft me duidelijk gemaakt dar ik niet raar ben, met de gevoelens/gedachtes die ik heb en het belangrijk is dat je dit moet kunnen delen met iemand buiten je directe omgeving om ook je plaats in je directe omgeving weer te kunnen bepalen! Die blik van buiten is zeer waardevol”

Maart 2018

Mevrouw M. H.

De dagen na de ‘Inzicht sessie’ die ik gedaan heb met Jeanine, was ik veel bezig met het uitproberen van mijn nieuwe inzichten. Nu zijn wij een paar maanden later en ik merk dat ik anders reageer op bepaalde triggers en mijn communicatie duidelijker is geworden. Doordat ik  zo veranderd ben is de relatie met mijn naasten nu veel ontspannener en prettiger geworden.

Normaal gesproken ben ik druk met de zaken van alle dag. Het was heel goed stil te kunnen staan en te kijken naar wat ik allemaal doe. Ik kies er nu bewust voor bepaalde gebieden in mijn leven meer aandacht te geven, dus andere gebieden zullen naar de achtergrond gaan. Dat is goed voor dit moment. Op een later tijdstip is er weer meer ruimte voor deze gebieden. 

 Januari 2018

Mevrouw C. K.

Tijdens de coaching kwam er een verrassende ontdekking tevoorschijn. Wij hebben staand gewerkt en dat voelde heel prettig. Ik voel mij opgelucht en heb ook mijn gedrag ten positieve kunnen veranderen. Ik ben blij dat ik dit nu gedaan heb. 

Februari 2018

 Mevrouw R. B.

Ik heb nu meer inzicht verkregen over hoe ik mijn ‘denken’ kan veranderen. Hoe ik mijn ‘doelen’ beter op kan stellen en bereiken. Ik voel mij hierdoor een stuk helderder en zekerder over het onderwerp ‘werk’. Ik heb nu voor mijzelf een duidelijke doelstelling en dit werd ook op een goede manier, tijdens de coaching, duidelijk gemaakt. 

Jeanine’s coaching was rustig, geduldig en duidelijk. Ze weet zaken goed terug te brengen naar de kern.

Maart 2017



Mr B.

Voordat ik met Jeanine ging samenwerken voelde ik mijzelf een ‘ietwat ongeleid projectiel’. Mijn leven stond volledig op z’n kop. Jeanine was eerlijk en ondersteunend. Zij gaf mij de rust om bewuster bezig te kunnen zijn met mijn eigen gedachten en hoe ik deze zou kunnen vertalen naar mijn omgeving. Het was heel fijn om mijn ei kwijt te kunnen en Jeanine gaf mij de juiste vragen zodat ik mijn oplossing kon vinden voor mijn probleem. Nu kan ik weer vooruit.  Mr. B 2016.


Dit had ik veel eerder moeten doen. Al na de eerste sessie was mijn angst veranderd in motivatie en positieve gevoelens. Ik heb meteen mijn ideeën op papier gezet en heb al verschillende acties ondernomen. Mevr. P.B. Juni 2014


By MRS. S. De Kort

It was a very emotional time when I was coached by Jeanine she did not have any problem understanding my situation and discovering solutions with me together. There was no subject I could not share and explore with Jeanine.  Before I worked with Jeanine I went to a psychologist whom I felt was circling around the subject which led me to stop working with him. She has a clear, positive and very broad perspective on the complex society we live in. Sometimes I realised in the following days after the session what we actually worked on and what my best next step would be.

By MRS. J.

“Jeanine is an excellent coach, who works with her clients to enable them to find their own solutions, whether relating to life, work or a specific problem area. Her approach works especially well as when someone is empowered to find their own way, they are far more likely to be able to make lasting changes as a result. I personally benefited from increased clarity around a difficult decision… as well as offering great results, Jeanine is very pleasant to work with, has tremendous integrity, and her rates are very reasonable. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

By MRS. Alison Wilmot

Business inspired and findmeatradesperson.com Jeanine ran a coaching session for our Business Inspired meeting which focused on our goals and objectives for this year. Her personality and experience as a leading coach was exceptional and she certainly had the room buzzing with creativity and vision. She made the session so much fun and interactive that the session could have run on and on. Jeanine is experienced in her field and is a good communicator. I would not have any hesitation in recommending Jeanine for any group or individual work.

By MR. T.

Jeanine’s coaching allowed me to talk freely about my life and goals. Helping me to identify key issues, (from the mess) and make then clearer to me, finally solidifying them in words. I feel that we have explored thoroughly, the goal we set out to explore. I don’t think I could have gone much deeper. I recommend Jeanine’s coaching because; Jeanine brought some structure to the rambling of my mind. It felt relaxed and casual, but with a definite purpose, Jeanine had her hand firmly on the wheel at all times. Jeanine’s coaching has helped me to identify some core emotions that drive my life, and I can be more aware of them and change some of them in the future.

By MRS. J.

I started a new job recently and there is a re-occurring situation which made me feel anxious. I could do with a bit more confidence. Jeanine offered me the opportunity to do one session to see whether this could work. We worked together using Jeanine’s’ ‘elements of confidence’ and we made a strategic plan which enabled me to deal with the situation. Over the last months I allowed myself to build up experience and now I don’t feel anxious.


Thanks ever so much for today, it was really helpful and I do feel very resolved and also clearer about my priorities and how to juggle them.

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By S.W

Jeanine ‘s coaching is: helpful, direct, guiding and thought provoking Jeanine’s coaching brought together a whole view of where I am at now. She facilitates thought processes and enables vocalisation or labelling of thoughts and processes + actions, in order to understand what is going on in my life. Jeanine provided the guidance and energy to help me support changes in my life.

By  Mr.  

It shocks me how much I’ve changed in two months. I reclamed my confident in decision making, feeling less alone or anxious.   Now I have a positive outlook at life. I feel able to solve problems in a creative way and with humour. This coaching has given me better understanding and communication with myself and others. I do not recognize the person I was before I had started the coaching with Jeanine  S.D. June 2012.

By P.

Before I started coaching with Jeanine I felt incapable of dealing with my feelings towards someone I liked. Jeanine’s coaching was very useful because it has helped me to understand why I do the things like I do them to start with.  Jeanine was very good at pointing out the right issues that determine the situation I wanted/needed to deal with. Jeanine made me feel less silly or ashamed in my behavior, and I noticed she was involved in a good way with my situation without losing distance as a professional coach…………. I have made a plan with her help about ‘how’ to change my behavior. She explained to me and I discovered that it takes patience to achieve what I was aiming for. I have managed to move on now. When I notice that my behavior tends to move me away from my goals, I remember how to focus. If necessary I read the analysis again that I’ve made with her help, which also helps me for different situations I have to deal with. Now I feel relieved, I can move on and I am more aware of all the good things in (my) life.

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By S. Simon

Dear Jeanine, What I have learned/ discovered during this coaching period is: It’s helped getting me out of me to help clarify feelings/thoughts and discover blocks that stopped me from engaging in activities/life. I have learned to be more proactive and now feel on the right path. Jeanine’s coaching was very positive and has a gentle way of exploring situations and making you think without being patronizing. I find her smile and warmth and happiness inspiring. S. Simon, September 2011

Arcticles published by Andy Fraser in his magazine The BristolNine

First article  “ March issue “ Let’s be honest shall we? Life is one big experiment. Made up of lots of smaller experiments.  None of which come with a useful manual.  Careers. Relationships. Parenting.  And more. All major aspects of life, all left very much to us as individuals to try out and hope to get right just by trial and error. “Learning by having a go” I call it. I’m sure I speak for many when I say that I get by, I make mistakes, I try to learn from them, I muddle through. But if we aren’t too proud to………. ” March issue “

Second article April issue” “Do you enjoy your job?” Jeanine asked me. “Absolutely” I replied, “I don’t really see it as a job. Five years on and it’s still fun – definitely better than working for a living.” I often say to people that doing the magazine feels more like a hobby than a job because it is genuinely enjoyable, rarely stressful (which had crucified me in the past) and, because I only normally encounter nice people who say nice things, it feels pretty good. Generally I see it as people coming to me wanting help (and being happy to pay for it) rather than………………….. April issue”

Third article  ” May issue” Last month’s article focused on how working with Jeanine had helped me realize that I should perhaps look at the production of The Bristol Nine  in a different way. I regarded it as a paid hobby whereas I should be seeing it as a business that is enjoyable to run. I produced it with too much heart and not enough head. “But does it really matter?” was the question I asked……” May issue”

Fourth article June issue” Each week at the drama class I attend we carry out some posture-related exercises, emphasizing how much good posture can improve the way we breathe, speak and move. Strange then that posture also cropped up in discussions in my latest coaching session. Jeanine and I were talking about professionalism in business, following on from the previously mentioned work we’d done on encouraging me to look at the production of the magazine as……” June issue”

Fifth article “July issue” Sorry I’m late,” I say to business and life coach Jeanine Hamaker, “it’s not been a normal week and I’m a bit all over the shop.” I’d been up in the night working ‘til late and then suffering a mini migraine for my pains, got back to sleep, got up early to do a wife and school run, then fell asleep on the sofa in the middle of Breakfast News. “That’s OK” she said” so, what is normal?”  As usual, Jeanine got me thinking.  I’d meant……….July  issue”

Sixth article October issue” “In our most recent coaching session, Jeanine Hamaker, of JEH coaching, and I concluded that, for now, we had gone as far as we felt necessary to go in terms of analyzing how I manage the business that is The Bristol Nine. Now was the time to focus on actually putting into practice, and bedding in, the new ideas, techniques and thought on how to improve the business that we and discussed and developed during my business coaching. In this first part……….October issue” 

Seventh article  November issue” In last month’s issue I gave a bit of an overview of the voyage of discovery I had undertaken with Jeanine Hamaker, life and business coach. In it I concluded that a few sessions of coaching had brought very real benefits to the way I run the Bristol Nine business. This has been through Jeanine’s perceptive questioning and positive encouragement of me to take time out to look at the business in a dispassionate way, learn about and challenge how I really work, and gain…….November issue


By Ms. S. Boxwell

Hello Jeanine. As for the recommendations, of course:

  • Jeanine’s coaching helped me to see obstacles in a different way, what I had deemed to be negative, I started to see in a more positive light.
  • Jeanine did not give me the answers, she helped me to find the solutions out for myself which is so much more rewarding.
  • I went for coaching when I became unemployed to help me find my direction. Coaching certainly helped me to focus on my strengths and channel those strengths onto a successful CV
  • I would recommend Jeanine as a coach because she challenges you to see things in a different perspective and helps you to question non conducive thought processes.
  • I would recommend Jeanine because she instantly makes you feel at ease and is very easy to talk to.

I hope that the above will be of use in some way. Best of luck in growing your business and I hope that others benefit from meeting you as much as I did. Kind regards, S. Boxwell June 2011

By Mrs. L. Pakeman

I found the coaching sessions with Jeanine Hamaker to be a very positive experience. Jeanine is a good listener and uses what you have told her to help guide you to reach your own conclusions and decisions. She is unbiased, non judgemental and professional. I came away feeling I really had a clear view of my needs and the route I should take to achieve my goals. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking clarity in their lives. Mrs L. Pakeman, September 2010

By S. Weldon

I am a 47-year-old journalist from Bristol who took voluntary redundancy in April 2009 from the newspaper where I had worked for 10 years. I decided to seek life coaching from Jeanine Eshuis-Hamaker in February 2010 because I felt at a crossroads in my career.

I felt unable to focus on what I wanted to do next; I was not in a state of crisis but I felt a general malaise in my life, and I wanted help in identifying which direction I should go in. Jeanine is very personable and has a gentle, unthreatening but quietly persistent way of working which I found to be very effective.

She helped me to identify which areas of my life are most important to me and which areas I felt I needed to change. I found this process both surprising and illuminating as I discovered that the areas of my life where I felt most dissatisfaction were personal, not career-oriented, after all. Having helped me to discover this, Jeanine also helped me to realise that I should not be too hard upon myself (something I am inclined to be).

She did this by showing me that I had already started to address some of these issues – for example, one area of dissatisfaction was my weight; I had started a diet and was doing Pilates classes and other exercise). I found it liberating and empowering to recognise that far from being paralysed by my inability to deal with these issues, I was, in fact, taking steps to address them.

Finally, Jeanine and I discussed one particular area of difficulty in my life – my relationship with a family member – and she helped me to see that I had become locked into a pattern of response and that if I could re-frame my own attitude, I would not only find my relationship with him less fractious but my greater understanding of his perspective would remove some of the irritation I felt.

In conclusion, I found my coaching sessions with Jeanine to be useful and illuminating. I did not achieve what I originally set out to do – identify a new career direction – but that was because the process revealed to me that this was not the real cause of dissatisfaction in my life after all. What I did achieve was a much greater self-understanding, a recognition of what was important in my life and a sense of empowerment as to my ability to deal with issues in my life which previously had felt intractable and difficult. S. Weldon,

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