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Deze coaching samenwerking heeft in Engeland plaatsgevonden daarom is dit gedeelte in het Engels.

Quote from Andy Fraser:

I see that by gently and persuasively making me think about my business in more detail, and providing me with the time-out to do that thinking, working with Jeanine was proving very worthwhile.

Here are the articles, written by the owner of the Bristol Nine Magazine Mr. Andy Fraser. In these articles he writes in his own words and humor about the coaching sessions he had. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Andy very much for his openness about our coaching sessions.

Small business Coaching to The Bristol Nine, first article

Let’s be honest shall we? Life is one big experiment. Made up of lots of smaller experiments.  None of which come with a useful manual.  Careers. Relationships. Parenting.  And more. All major aspects of life, all left very much to us as individuals to try out and hope to get right just by trial and error. “Learning by having a go” I call it. I’m sure I speak for many when I say that I get by, I make mistakes, I try to learn from them, I muddle through. But if we aren’t too proud to………. ” March issue “

Small business Coaching to The Bristol Nine, second article

“Do you enjoy your job?” Jeanine asked me. “Absolutely” I replied, “I don’t really see it as a job. Five years on and it’s still fun – definitely better than working for a living.” I often say to people that doing the magazine feels more like a hobby than a job because it is genuinely enjoyable, rarely stressful (which had crucified me in the past) and, because I only normally encounter nice people who say nice things, it feels pretty good. Generally I see it as people coming to me wanting help (and being happy to pay for it) rather than………………….. April issue

Small business Coaching to The Bristol Nine, third article

Last month’s article focused on how working with Jeanine had helped me realize that I should perhaps look at the production of The Bristol Nine  in a different way. I regarded it as a paid hobby whereas I should be seeing it as a business that is enjoyable to run. I produced it with too much heart and not enough head. “But does it really matter?” was the question I asked…… May issue

Small business Coaching to The Bristol Nine, fourth article

Each week at the drama class I attend we carry out some posture-related exercises, emphasizing how much good posture can improve the way we breathe, speak and move. Strange then that posture also cropped up in discussions in my latest coaching session. Jeanine and I were talking about professionalism in business, following on from the previously mentioned work we’d done on encouraging me to look at the production of the magazine as……” June issue

Small business Coaching to The Bristol Nine, fifth article

“Sorry I’m late,” I say to business and life coach Jeanine Hamaker, “it’s not been a normal week and I’m a bit all over the shop.” I’d been up in the night working ‘til late and then suffering a mini migraine for my pains, got back to sleep, got up early to do a wife and school run, then fell asleep on the sofa in the middle of Breakfast News. “That’s OK” she said” so, what is normal?”  As usual, Jeanine got me thinking.  I’d meant……….July issue

Small business Coaching to The Bristol Nine, sixth article

“In our most recent coaching session, Jeanine Hamaker, of JEHcoaching, and I concluded that, for now, we had gone as far as we felt necessary to go in terms of analysing how I manage the business that is The Bristol Nine. Now was the time to focus on actually putting into practice, and bedding in, the new ideas, techniques and thought on how to improve the business that we and discussed and developed during my business coaching. In this first part……….October issue 

Small business Coaching to The Bristol Nine, seventh article

In last month’s issue I gave a bit of an overview of the voyage of discovery I had undertaken with Jeanine Hamaker, life and business coach. In it I concluded that a few sessions of coaching had brought very real benefits to the way I run the Bristol Nine business. This has been through Jeanine’s perceptive questioning and positive encouragement of me to take time out to look at the business in a dispassionate way, learn about and challenge how I really work, and gain…….”November Issue

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