7 elements of Confidence by Jeanine Hamaker

The sun is out and it feels like summer, an enjoyable time for many and I hope that includes you!

Today I would like to focus on growing and maintaining of your confidence.

Confidence can be like water in your hands.  One moment you have it, the next its gone.

Why and How does this occur?

Working with many people over the last few years I have come to realise that everybody has these moments but not all of us mind the fact that our confidence levels go up or down.

I began to realise that there are elements that can grow a person’s confidence but, simultaneously, may make another person freeze up.

I have created the ‘7 elements of confidence’. When I encounter a point in which a persons confidence has gone down it is always one or more of these elements that can be improved.

The 7 elements of confidence are:

1.        Experience

2.        Knowledge

3.        Healthy levels of pressure

4.        Seeing every situation as new

5.        Expectations

6.        The need to accomplish or achieve

7.        Allowing yourself to succeed or fail


Let’s take the element of “experience”.

To one person starting a new job in which he/she has no experience with many new tasks within the job, can feel daunting and make him/her freeze up, whilst for a different kind of person the prospect of a new challenge triggers a feeling of excitement and he/she can’t wait to get started.

The first person might already have had experience with starting ‘something new’ which led to him/her feeling cautious. He/she can be helped by allowing him/herself to ‘see this situation as new’. This can then enable the person to get past the freezing-up and get going.

To the second person, allowing himself to build up new experiences can indeed trigger him into action but he could well get blocked by his own or other people’s ‘expectations’ or if there is an ‘unhealthy level of pressure’ in the work environment.

There are elements here that you can look at from differing vantage point in order to support yourself and allow yourself to try what you have been less-than-confident to do before , whereas only allowing yourself to look at a new situation in a particular/familiar way can lead to you getting blocked and make you freeze up.

Please take a minute to look at the elements and think about different situations where you felt vulnerable or lacking in confidence.

Ask yourself which element made you feel stuck and which element you now think might support you to allow yourself to go on, try new things and make changes?

If you have a situation which you want to deal with but do not feel confident enough to do so, please feel free to contact me.  I am always happy to talk.

Thank you for reading; I hope you will feel even more confident with these 7 elements of confidence.

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Sunny greetings

Jeanine Hamaker